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Friday, 28 April 2017

Passive and Active Treatment of Mine Waste Water

Active treatment is the water treatment in which continuous effort is required to improve the quality of water. It requires artificial ongoing energy inputs and bio-chemical or chemical reagents.

Passive treatment is a intended water treatment method to improve the quality of water by the use  of available natural materials or energy sources in the systems that minimises the regular maintenance for the system to operate effectively over the entire life of system design.

Benefits of Passive Treatment
  • Reduces the cost of treatment
  • Reduces labour cost - maintenance is almost free.
  • Effective Natural purification
  • Reduces operating cost (chemicals, electricity etc..)
  • No disturbance to the natural landscape
Challenges of Active Treatment

  • Capital and operational cost is very high.
  • Requires more effort and close monitoring.
  • Requires high cost of maintenance.
  • Landscape disturbance is necessary.
Continuous research is required to develop a technology of how best and effective way that will minimise cost of installation and maintenance of active water treatment plants.


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