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  • Mine Waste Management Training

    Mine Waste Management Short training sponsored by Government of Japan through JICA in corporation with the Government of PNG through CEPA, MRA and DMPGM.

  • Kasuga Gold Mine in Kagoshima, Japan

    Partial Assistance to Masters and PhD Candidates in filling Application Forms for Japanese Scholarships or Self Sponsor

  • Mining Warden Hearing at Ok Isai Village, Frieda River, East Sepik Province, PNG

    Landowner grievances is always a challenge for the PNG Mining Industry. However, the Regulators of the Mining Inductry facilitate Mining Warden Hearings and Development Forums to address grievances related to mining.

  • Osarizawa Underground Mine Adit

    Osarizawa Underground Mine is an abandoned mine in Akita Prefecture, Japan. Event though the mine is closed, the mine site is kept for sightseeing purposes.

  • Hidden Valley Tailings Storage Facility (TSF)

    Mine Waste refers to the waste related to mining activities such as tailings and waste rock. Management refer to how the mine derived waste is managed by the operator and or the Regulatory Body.

Saturday, 19 December 2020

Loading ANFO for Blasting Drill hole

Okinawa Limestone Quarry


Thursday, 10 December 2020

Partial Assistance to Masters and PhD Candidates in filling Application Forms for Japanese Scholarships or Self Sponsor

This is a general announcement to keen researchers and potential researchers of the Earth Resources Engineering in Papua New Guinea and any other Pacific Island Nations.

If you are one of the interested or  potential research candidate (Master ,PhD, Post PhD etc) who are planning to apply for further studies through Japanese Government Scholarships or self sponsor or by any form of arrangements and need assistance in securing Supervisors/Professors from various Japanese Universities which is one of the requirements for the Scholarship Applications Forms, then we are more than willing to assist you in this regard. 

Our team has been approached by several Professors of the Department of Earth Resources Engineering in Kyushu University Under the Faculty of Engineering to connect any interested research candidate (Master ,PhD, Post PhD etc) who may be interested to study in Japan through either scholarships or by various  sponsorship arrangements.

Kyushu University's Department of Earth Resources Engineering  aims at equipping students with professional-level knowledge in the field of earth resources as well as a grounding in a wide range of engineering fields, the Division of Earth System Engineering provides lectures, lab sessions and practical training as follows:

Economic GeologyResource Geology I & II
Mineral Engineering
Mineral Engineering Experimentation I & II
Exploration GeophysicsGeo-Information Science I, II & III
Geo-Information Science Experimentation I & II
Geothemal Engineering
Geothermal System Modeling
Geothermal Engineering Experimentation I & II
Resources Production
and Safety Engineering
Resources Development and Environment
Resources Production Systems
Safety Engineering
Safety Engineering Experimentation
Resources Production Experimentation
Rock Engineering
and Mining Machinery
Rock Engineering I & II
Mining Machinery System Engineering
Rock Engineering Experimentation I & II
Mineral Processing,
Recycling and Environmental Remediation
Mineral Processing Engineering I, II and III
Mineral Processing Engineering Experimentation I & II
Energy Resources EngineeringEnergy Engineering
Reservoir Engineering
Mass Transfer Engineering
Energy Resources Engineering Experimentation I & II

 Source: https://www.eng.kyushu-u.ac.jp/e/g_earth.html 

If you are interested or need guidance in this regard then feel free to contact us through the contact form on our website.

The requirements and steps are:

1. Topic of Research

2. Your Scope of Study or Study Plan is basically the brief of what you intend to do under your topic selected. i.e. Introduction, Objective, Methodology etc.. Have a clear idea on the topic.

3. State Clearly which Laboratory you would like to apply to do your research. The Laboratory of your choice can either be related to your topic.

4. Provide you contact information especially e-mail. 

5. We will introduce your topic and your contact to the Professors concern.

6. The Professors will then contact you for further discussions regarding your topic and research plan and further provide direction for actions at your end including the entry requirements and applications.

Kasuga Gold Mine in Kagoshima, Japan


To avoid doubt, this is not a scholarship information and we do not provide scholarship Application Forms either. It is just an announcement offering assistance to those who are in need. Helping others progress in Earth Resources Engineering.

We help to connect interested researchers to Researchers.


Tuesday, 8 December 2020

Friday, 4 December 2020


Welcome Mine Mine Waste Management

"Welcome to the minewastes.com. In this site you will discover new and interesting tips about matters related to mine wastes management. You will never regret spending time and contributing in this site as it saves lives of many people in impacted areas. Discover more and contribute Meaningfully to save life."

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