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Saturday, 31 October 2020

Waste Manage Management

Waste Management is basically planning and taking the responsibility of where to dispose off what is not needed. Waste is simply something that you don't need it for a particular task or purpose. However, some materials or waste are not really are waste. They can be recycled or used in elsewhere.

So to manage waste, one has to consider, what is really waste, what is recyclable and what is required at other places or purposes. Some waste are burnable and considered waste but then the burnable waste are also given second thought as to whether their remains after burning is usable or not. For example, organic materials are burnable but their remains after burning can be of useful for agricultural compost. 

Other waster are considered recyclable in the likes of metals and hydrocarbon products. For example, can drinks are recyclable as well and pet bottles are recyclable. 

So in managing waste, you have to consider the separation of these waste materials which you don't need but  others they need for recycling or  to be used for other purposes.

Some of the waste can be used for craft making and landform beautification and gardening. People have different ways to utilize waste materials into useful materials. But what that you consider waste must be disposed off in the right place so that the next person might need or will be a waste indeed.

So different countries have different waste management policies and regulations which all the citizens are bound to follow so that  the living environment or the surrounding environment including the natural environment is not polluted or affected by the waste produced or created by human beings.


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